All our tiaras listed in this section can be customised to your preferance and matched to almost any colour scheme. Please state your choice of gold or silver,  and your preferred colour scheme when ordering.  Available colours are listed with each individual item.

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The Alexandra tiara is shown here in ruby red fire polished crystals and real fresh water pearls in natural white.  The faceted droplet in matching ruby red is genuine Swarovski crystal. 

Suggestion; the brides maids could have the same design but without the droplet.



A beautifully delicate design,  20's in style made using gold tiara wire, gold plated tiara base,  Swarovski crystal stars in aurora borealis,  small Swarovski rounds in aurora borealis.

Stars available in limited colour at this time due to the recent introduction of this shape.

Rounds available in clear or aurora borealis.  If other colours are desired bi-cones could be used instead of rounds at no extra charge.





As featured in Wedding Ideas Magazine.

Cassidy is dreamy tiara shown  using a silver plate tiara band, smothered along the enitre length with amythest pieces and lilac fire polished crystal.  In gold wire and gold plated tiara band.  Squirly spiral lengths of silver wire, which due to their nature you can extend or 'squash' slightly to your desired length, topped with amythest pieces and fire polished crystalThe name Cassidy means 'curly' in gaelic.

 Now available in Amythest, Aventurine, Blue lace agate, Black Onyx,  Chinese Jade,  Flourite,  Garnet,  Haematite, Mother of Pearl,  Pink Opal or Rose quartz (as shown with  or without some pieces of clear rock crystal).  Stars and hearts (if desired) are available in, Rose quartz, Blue lace agate, Aventurine and Heamatite.   





The Elizabeth tiara is a stunning, yet simple and elegant design.  Shown here in clear rondells, aurora borealis flowers and golden shadow butterflies,  all are genuine Swarovski crystal.  Gold wire and gold plate crimp beads.  The head band is a gold plate tiara band which has been comfortably padded with a taupe satin ribbon.  The end loops will assist when securing your tiara.

The butterflies can be a variety of colours including,  Golden Shadow (as above), Light Rose Pink, Light Siam Red, Aquamarine Blue, Peridot Green and Pale Violet. 

Ribbon can be in a variety of colour,  matching or contrasting, satin or organza, please state your preferance when ordering.




The Isabella tiara is a wonderful design for winter and spring weddings. Three hand made lillies that have a gentle shimmer, are embellished with a blue toned moonstone and faux pearl stamen. Eight silver wire waved stems fan out with four more blue toned moonstones. The silver plated tiara band is hand wrapped in white velvet. The end of the band have been detailed with a clear Swarovski crystal flower. Lengths of the white velvet have been finished in a row of faux seed pearls.  Beautiful.

Available in almost any colour with or without pearl finish to flowers.




Lilly Anna

Sumptuous white velvet ribbon covers a gold plate tiara band, with loops at either end for easier pinning. Four plumes of pure white ostrich feathers form the main shape of Lilly-Anna. Seven faux pearl bell flowers with faux seed pearl centres sit gracefully on twisted gold wire accompanied by six faux pearl droplets. A circle of faux seed pearls represent eternity and a generous helping of Swarovski crystal flowers help make Lilly-Anna sparkle.




The Princess Tiara is a delightfully simple, elegant design using Swarovski crystal butterflies shown here in golden shadow,  aurora borealis flowers and clear rounds, with a covering of taupe satin ribbon with small end loops to assist fastening.

The butterflies can be a variety of colours including,  Golden Shadow (as above), Light Rose Pink, Light Siam Red, Aquamarine Blue, Peridot Green and Pale Violet. 

Suggestion:  How about Elizabeth for the bride and Princess for the brides maids.




Whilst Sleeping Beauty slumbered, roses grew up and around the castle, in time a handsome Prince cut through the roses and awakened her with a kiss.  They were married and lived happily ever after. 

 Fire polished crystals in cobalt blue adorn the centre of each hand crafted rose.  Spirals of gold wire are tipped with Swarovski bi-cones.  

  Roses can be made using, matt, pearlised or metallic glitter polymer clay.