Here we have a collection of bracelets suitable for all occasions. 

All are available in a wide variety of colours.  Please do email to ask more at




Aurora bracelets,  shown here in Swarovski crystal tones of blue.  One has Swarovski crystal stars in aurora borealis,  the other has Swarovski crystal stars in light saphire blue.  One shown with gold plated clasp,   the other has a silver plated clasp.

Wrist measurements will be needed for fit of this item.




Butter Jade


Lovely, simple bracelet made using sphere's of chinese butter Jade.

Wrist measurements will be required for better fit. 






Cassidy bracelet can be made to match Cassidy Tiara,  here it has been made using amethyst and clear fire polished crystals. 

Wrist measurements required for better fit.





Charmed Arrow


Charmed Arrow Head bracelet, shown here with a rose quartz arrow head,  3 droppers of natural coloured fresh water pearls and 2 droppers of fire polished crystals in champagne pink and clear.





Monsoon bracelet, shown here in cobalt blue with green leaves, with gold plated lobster claw catch.

Wrist measurement required for bext fit of bracelet.

Others colours are available to match your colour scheme.

£10 each





Pearl Dream 



Pearl Dream, bracelet on gold memory wire.  Shown here in dark silver freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal in aurora borealis.

Many other colours of pearl and crystal are available please do enquire.




Sea Shells by the Shore 

Sea Shells by the Shore bracelet only available in silver.  The acrylic shapes are embellished with silvered fire polished crystals,  other colour crystal could be used but the shapes only available in a silver at present time.







Titianna bracelet in Swarovski crystal tones of blue,  featuring Swarovski stars in light saphire and aurora borealis,  Swarovski flowers in clear crystal and aurora borealis,  a Swarovski crystal butterfly shown here in golden shadow,  pressed irridescent stars and fresh water pearls shown here in dark silver.  A truly delightful design.


True Heart 

True Heart bracelet.  Shown here in blue tones with Venetian hand blown glass heart, 2 droppers of pressed frosted irridescent hearts and 2 droppers of aurora borealis fire polished crystals all on a silver plated chain.