I have always loved butterflies the sheer elegance, beauty and bounty of colours are mesmerising.

When I discovered the name for a group of butterflies was Kaleidoscope, I knew I had the perfect name for my butterfly themed collection.



 Kaleidoscope crown. 

A simple elegant crown based on butterflies rising up into the air.   This dreamy, lightweight crown is made using champagne pink wire and acrylic faceted butterflies, with a hint of sparkle created with a mix of fire polished and Swarovski crystals. 

Though the picture is multicolour the crown can be made using just one or two of the colours shown.


 Kaleidoscope bracelet.  With hanging clusters of butterflies and various metal detailed butterflies this bracelets is fun colourful romantic and hangs beautifully.




This vibrant and fun Alice band style head piece is smothered in fire polished crystal, and features three large painted feather butterflies. 

The crystals and butterflies are available in a variety of colours.