There are always a few things you should keep in mind when choosing, ordering and indeed wearing your chosen Tiara...

  It is advisable to have in mind the hair style you will be wearing with the Tiara.  

 A Bun wrap is more suitable for a bun or bee-hive and is usually worn around the base of this higher hair design.  This being the case the Tiara band is left in its original rounder shape.   

A Tiara has had the band gently shaped by hand to aid the item to be worn as either a 'crown' or in some designs an 'Alice Band', which allows the Tiara to be used with hair designs other than the above mentioned.  

Do keep in mind when ordering you have a choice of how to fasten your Tiara, but your choice must be specified.   

 Your choices are; 

  The tiara band be left as it is so that only a small hole at each end of the band is available to assist fastening.  Maybe using hair pins or indeed your hair designer may incorporate the band into your design.    

 A small loop of ribbon in your choice of colour will be wired onto the ends of the Tiara band, thus giving more ways to fasten your band.  Please state your choice of colour when ordering. Colours available are listed with individual item descriptions.  

  A longer length of ribbon in your chosen colour and material will be wired onto the ends, thus allowing quite a few more ways to assist fastening.  Perhaps in a traditional bow tied at the back of the hair design or the ribbon could possibly be incorporated into your hair design.    

Orders take a minimum of 4 weeks depending on the design and how many items you wish to purchase