We will bring you inspirational true stories.  We will also bring you ideas you may not have thought of.  

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Purchase a large, spiral bound sketch pad and coloured pens. Assign one of your bridesmaids the job of asking guests to add personal messages to you and your partner. Be sure to leave randomly spaced blank pages so that later you can decorate them with pictures, confetti, even dried flowers. Using decorative items from your wedding day will make the book that will be treasured for a lifetime.   


A private bridal suite is an extra feature at some venues. These rooms are for the use of the bride and any other people that she wants or needs around her prior to the wedding ceremony. Using your venue's bridal suite cuts the cost of having to hire the bridal party's transportation and completely minimizes the chance of anyone seeing the bride before the ceremony.

 An effective bridal suite will provide sufficient mirrors and lighting, comfortable furnishings, a bathroom and often refrigeration. If you intend to use a bridal suite, arrange to spend time there to get a feel for the space of the room(s), the temperature, the arrangement of furniture, etc. 

 Remember to inform your photographer, hair dresser and makeup artists of the arrangements. Confirm with each of them that they are willing to work within the bridal suite and whether or not this will incur additional expense.


Sometimes, it's necessary to seat guests together who may be complete strangers to each other. A great way for everyone to break the ice and make everyone feel more comfortable is to place a variety of humorous items on each table. Wigs, fake noses and glasses, medallions, fake cigars or inflatable items will not only make everyone laugh out loud, you'll get some great photographs that people will treasure for years to come.






December, it’s a most wonderful time of the year.  You know its going to be cold, unless of course you take your celebrations to a more tropical country, so you can prepare your outfits accordingly.  Using white feather or faux fur capes will keep you warm and add a real touch of luxury and romance.  Why not ask people to wear scarves or hats in a particular colour and brave the elements for some fun fantastic outside pictures.  If you are lucky enough to gets now,  what fun pictures you can have,  my suggestions – get someone to build a bride and groom snowman,  a snowball fight in full flow would make the most amazing album, but be careful not to get carried away as you don’t want your guests toget too cold or worse wet!  Maybe as table favours you could give hand warmer pads. (available from shops online)

Lets not forget Christmas is at the end of the month so why not try and carry through the rich theme using baubels as place markers and even favours,  tinsel in vases with fairy lights as table centres.  You could even have bridesmaids wear wings in the style of angels or Christmas fairys.  Button holes could be fun and sparkly using delicate tinsel or more traditional, maybe a sprig of holly or a poinsettia flower,  how about some ivy oh and please lets not forget as romance is already in the air mistletoe hung above the dance floor will make for a very interesting evening!!  If you have a fair amount of younger guestsyou could go as far as having Santa pop in to give them gifts. Traditional warming foods are always a favourite with guests and again if you have an outside section to your reception why not hire in some wonderful treats,  hot roasting chestnuts,  a hog roast, mulled wine,  candy floss and why not top it all off by hiring a choir to sing while your guests mingle.  I could go on and on with ideas for December but surely I must stop.  I’ve not even mentioned the flower for December is the narcissus,  a delicate little flower with an equally delicate scent.  How beautiful would it look to have bowls of freshly planted flowering narcissus on your tables, or maybe as table favours you can give two of the bulbs in an organza bag so your guests can plant them and think of your wedding each time they flower.  The birthstones for December are numerous, Lapis Lazuli being one of the more traditional, with its sumptuous midnight blue colour.

 December celebrations are so lucky to have somuch to choose from. 






Who first comes tothis world below
With drear November's fog and snow,
Should prize the
topaz'samber hue,
Emblem of friends and lovers true.

 Clear crisp sunshine mixed with icy showers.  How apt for the birthstoneof the month which is traditionally Topaz. Ice blue or warm smoky oranges and yellows alongside rich wine hues I think sum up the month nicely. Chrysanthemum is the flower of November which is rich in variety of colours sizes and petal shape.  Some look like big bold rosettes and pom-poms where as others resemble exploding fireworks. 


Why not have a bonfire themed night, you don’t need to have the bonfire,  but you can decorate the venue with large candles in storm jars, and have an outside feast of hotdogs, burgers,  roasted corn cobs and large mushrooms in buns and if your budget allows seek out a hog roast. It is our best advice that you always discuss your ideas with your wedding organiser or venue as some do not permit naked flames.

Have fun with November weddings, think about warm clothes and hearty food as a satisfying choice for guests,  but to include the bracing outdoors is a beautiful part of any November.





October is a fantastic month which screams Autumn. The beautiful and unusual Opal is the months stone and the warm coloured Calendula or Marigold is the flower. Why not reflect the beauty of nature by having crystal trees for table centres, add a circle of elegant pillar candles and the crystals will twinkle delicately. Alternatively a very cost effective idea would be to lightly fill tall clear glass vases, or globe vases, with dried multi coloured leaves and the odd scattered crystal. How about mini pumpkins and squashes carved out with initials and numbers instead of place cards, with larger versions to line the aisle, venue permitting of course. You could even have half pumpkins as flower vases! 

 Marigolds look amazing when formed into a large tight ball and the fragrance is delicious but not over powering. You can include autumn colours using other flowers if you are not keen on marigolds. Orange roses, burgundy calla lilies and Chrysanthemums in many hues are favourites and readily available at this time of year. Apples in a variety of colours can be a refreshing table favour or for a slightly naughty treat,toffee apples.

 We all know the weather can be unpredictable, so it is wise to keep eyes on the weather forecasts online, some websites can give predictions well in advance of your date. Some years October can produce some amazing sunsets and others it can be crisp but wet. Umbrellas can be hired in beautiful shapes and colours. You could ask guests in the invitations to bring a beautiful/bright brolly, that should give everyone enough time to purchase or borrow one.Your photographer will be able to come up with some imaginative ideas using the umbrellas as props for stunning photos.

 In all October is a bountiful and fun month to get married in with so many ideas to make your wedding unique.



Septembers stone is the beautiful and elegant Sapphire. Sapphires come in the most desirable rich deep blues but can also be found in purples, fiery orange,yellow, pinks and greens. Then you have the wonderful Star Sapphires, which have a natural star shape inclusion in the stone. Perhaps a star themed reception could be used with all the wonderful planetry colours appearing?!

The birthflower for September is a fun frothy Aster. These amazing show stoppers are like giant bursts of the most vivid delicious colours. With a flower like this on your tables or in your bouquet you don't need to over do the settings, no fancy vases are needed, let these beauties do the talking. Use simple clear vases, globe bowls, bird cages anything that can truly handle the glory of theAster.

Enjoy xx

August has the sophisticated olive green Peridot as their birthstone and two birth flowers!  The Gladioli or the Poppy. Green shades are set to be the next colour trend after the current favourite of purple.  Imagine the bridal party in peridot green with sparkling peridot crystal Alice bands, single strand necklace and matching bracelets.  Simply elegant.  Continue to imagine and cast you're eyes across you're table centres,  set with elegant tall Gladioli in crystal cut vases.  There is a fresh green flowering Gladiolus called 'Green Star',  these would also be fantastic for brides maids bouquets and perhaps a single flower cut from the stem could be used for the button holes.  Alternativley red poppies would make a dramatic statement on the tables, perhaps curled inside globe bowls, or even single poppy heads floating on bowls of water with some floating candles.  Remember August can be incredibly hot, so its a great idea to have a beautiful fan to help keep you cool.  Maybe you could place fans for the ladies as table favours.


In August, when the days are hot,
I like to find a shady spot,
And hardly move a single bit--
And sit--
And sit--
And sit--
And sit!

By Anonymous  




July is so lucky to have the vibrant warmth of the ruby as birthstone of the month.  Cast your eye to the vivid sky blues, regal purples, candied pinks and berried tones of the larkspur.  What a fantastic flower of the month.   Please just take a moment to reflect on this idea,  if you are marrying in July you could use these tall elegant flowers in your table centres, and scatter the tables with ruby toned crystals for a sumptuous jewelled colour scheme.  Bouquets of the shorter variety of larkspur with frothy gypsophelia, swirls of jewel bright wire work tipped with crystals all hand tied in regal colours of organza or satin ribbon. 



What a fabulous month June is to be married in.  June has one of the most romantic flowers, the rose.  Oh you lucky lucky June brides.  Roses are stunning, breath taking, passion in a most beautiful form.  So many colours and shapes of rose to choose from.  How about having diamontes in the very centre of each rose in your bridal bouquet and hand wrap the stems in organza ribbons.  For bridesmaids have the same roses but without diamontes.  Mix them with fresh green foliage or a favourite - gypsophilia for a soft fairy tale bouquet.  Pearl is the 'stone' for June.  Oh need we say more, roses and pearls FABULOUS



 Lily of the Valley is the flower of the month for May.  Can you imagine your table centres over flowing with this delicate, sweetly scented pure white beauty.  If you are on a tight budget you could search through local charity shops for small glass vasses or even wine glasses and try to source a local supplier of the flower. 

How about a few Lily of the Valley pinned throughout your hair maybe accompanied with some Star light pins as found in our Enchanted Collection. Or you could stay with the pure white theme and have simple elegant pearls. Stunning.


The stone for April is a diamond and the flower is sweet pea. Just imagine your bridesmaids with fragrant sweet peas in a rainbow of sugary colours and a glittering diamond theme to your accessories. Maybe a scattering of table diamonds to complete the look.  Wonderful. 


The Jonquil, also known as Daffodil, is the birth flower of March.   Bright colours are beginning to appear with purple, whites and yellows and some early blooming hyacinths are delicately scenting the air on warmer days.  Imagine a large ball of scented Jonquil and Hyacinth with the stems wrapped in a beautiful bright organza, what a stunning bridal bouquet. A very lovely time of year to propose or get married indeed.


  A flower-themed wedding can be made even more gorgeous when you use large faux leaves or petals for place markers. Simply use a metallic pen of a complimentary colour and write your guests' names on the leaves. For a dreamy, romantic finishing touch, scatter live flower petals and diamantes around a candle at the centre of each table.


We all know that our bridesmaids come in a variety of shapes, sizes, skin and hair colours. To make sure each and every one of your bridesmaids looks and feels beautiful on your special day, get everyone together and plan an afternoon shopping trip. You'll all have a great time trying on different styles of dresses and as a group you can decide which dress looks the best on all the bridesmaids.


With your invitations include a slip of paper titled, "Food Allergies/Dietary Requirements. Guests can simply jot down any allergies or special requirements and you'll be able to compile a list of these well in advance. Remember to take the list to meetings at your venue and during discussions about food during the reception. 


  Place single use disposable cameras on each table. Guests can use these to take some truly unique and memorable pictures of your reception. Place a large box, in a prominent location for the used cameras to be left in. The added cost of processing will be worth it when you see the finished pictures. Send a copy of the pictures to your guests and use others to make an extra wedding album.  


Ask your guests to name three of their favourite songs and return them with their RSVP. Make the job easier for them by including a slip of paper, with the invitation, titled "My Favourite Songs". When the lists are returned, you'll have a music list for the evening party that's guaranteed to have everyone on the dance floor. 


Chris was an avid gardener and had spent years tending the numerous Hydrangea bushes that lined the front edge of his garden. Now, years later, they were breathtakingly beautiful mature plants. 

This morning, Chris had been working in his garden several hours. He was admiring his work when a couple stopped to say hello and to compliment him on how beautiful the Hydrangeas were. As they chatted, they couple told Chris that their daughter's wedding was tomorrow. Chris congratulated them, but the couple seemed so stressed, that Chris felt like he had to ask what was bothering them.

"Our daughter called this morning in tears. The florist has failed to fulfil her flower order and we simply can't afford to buy more flowers at such short notice. Even if we could afford it, we doubt that any florist could fulfil another order by tomorrow afternoon." Chris wanted to know if he could help and the couple said they were wondering if they could cut a few of his beautiful Hydrangeas. 


Chris couldn't have been happier to be able to oblige and went to get his clippers. With great care, he started cutting single Hydrangea blooms from his bushes. When there were just two blooms left, Chris told the couple, "I want to keep these two. They will remind me of your daughter and her new husband. I wish them years of happiness."


Why Not…


  • Make beautiful and personal bouquets and centre pieces? Ask your neighbours, friends and family for flowers from their gardens. What a good way to let everyone participate in your wedding even if they can't be there.
  • Grow your own flowers for bouquets and centre pieces? Start early and by the time your wedding day arrives, you'll have beautiful flowers ready to be crafted into floral arrangements.
  • Dry flower petals and use them as confetti? Flower petals are biodegradable, colourful and an inexpensive alternative to confetti. 

  Potted plants make excellent table centers and are an economical alternative to cut flowers. Decorate the pots with organza and ribbon in your chosen colours. Not only does this dress up and coordinate the tables, the center piece is less likely to spill dirt onto the table should it get knocked over. Fragrant herbs, such as Lavender, make fantastic center pieces and people will enjoy the scent and the colour. As an added bonus, why not give the center pieces to key family and friends at the end of the evening?